Should He…

So we all know about Tiger Woods and if you don’t, where have you been since Thanksgiving?

1. He has taken an indefinite leave of golf

2.He has gone from the 6th most paid athlete to 24

3. His endorsements are dropping

4. His wife isn’t wearing the wedding ring

6. Nike is “awaiting his return”

But the question everyone seems to be asking is: Should Tiger Woods come out and confess his wrong doings and do an interview? Woods released the following the statement on his website this weekend:


You Dirty Little Tiger

While reading none other than this morning, I came across some more sleazy text messages that went on between Tiger and Jaimee.  WoW is all I have to say! The internet is buzzing with celebs and their comments about his affairs. Just like us they are torn if he should be dropped by sponsors and if it’s really any of our business.

Want to know what some celebs are saying about Tiger Woods? Some took to their twitter account and here’s what they had to say:

John Mayer: I’ve got to finish boning my mistress early so that I can go home and explain to my kid that he’s lost a role model. What a shame.

Maria Menounos: Its horrible….but not surprised at all.guys-seriously-if you want someone else-just get out of your situation and do it the right way!  

I couldn’t agree with Maria more!

Adrianne Curry: I missed the part that tells me y Tiger Woods&his fams personal business is any of yours?He’s a GOLFER,not a Leave it to Lamas. get lives… There are plenty of fame whoring celebs that WANT you in their business, leave those who dont alone.

I think Adrianne is missing the part that many children look up to him as a role model.  Does this make him a bad athlete? No, but it doesn’t make a lot of people look at him the same way.

Courtesy of, check out just some of the text messages, looking for more click on the link below:

10 Most Fascinating People of 2009

According to Barbara Walter’s

I’m not going to sit here and comment on everyone, first I want to read what all of you think. Pick one, two or all of them and tell me why or why not  they deserve to be fascinating…Remember she only reveals 9 and the 10th will be revealed on Wednesday, December 9, 2009 on ABC. Check your local listings.

In no particular order here they are

10. Lady Gaga

9. Glenn Beck

8. Tyler Perry

7. Kate Gosselin

6. Adam Lambert

5. Sarah Palin

4. Brett Favre

3. Jenny Sanford

2.Michael Jackson’s 3 children: Paris, Prince Michael and Prince Michael

1. Who do you think will be in this spot?

Good-Bye Jon Gosselin, Hello Tiger Woods

While I have never been a fan of Tiger or golf, I still have feelings for people who are going through hard times. Obviously my feelings are more for his family and the humiliation they have faced surrounding the allegations of his affairs. Some say I was lucky to have met Tiger Woods when I worked at a PGA event in my hometown, I say big freaking deal. He was cocky and acted like he was king of the castle.

Anyways, I want to know what everyone thinks about how much he should admit publicly.

When any couple goes through hardships it’s bad enough but when you’re a celebrity, whether Hollywood or athlete it’s a million times worse. Tiger is looked upon as a role model to younger children and to adults. They look at him as an athlete, a star in their eyes, someone who could never do wrong. What people fail to remember is he’s a human being, he makes mistakes, well in his case huge mistakes and he has to fix them in the public eye. Do you think he should? Who would have thought that a car accident would expose all his dirty little secrets?

  It’s unfortunate that the woman behind this all would do anything for a fast buck and hurt his family and turn over the voicemail he left on her cell phone. Regardless, if she knows them or not, I would never intentionally hurt someone. Tiger on the other hand knew he was hurting his family and knew it would eventually be exploited in the tabloids.

So now with the spot light on Tiger, I want to hear from you. Do you think  Tiger should come clean to his fans? Is it really our business?

Babysitter or Performer?

I’m sure many of you watched the AMA’s last weekend…sounds like old news but performer Adam Lambert is still making headlines with his raunchy performance. Yes, I said raunchy because it was. I realize that performers can’t please every single fan, but Lambert’s following is a young crowd and I’m sure the parents didn’t appreciate his couple of stunts. One of his stunts involved Lambert’s “hip area” and a back up dancer’s  mouth. I believe he will lose some of his following and with a comment he made recently, “I’m not a babysitter, I’m a performer,”  he ruined it for himself. It sounded so cocky! I realize as a musical artist you express yourself BUT you have to take into consideration the timing of your concert, audience and repercussions.  Lambert was supposed to kick off GMA’s Fall Concert Series the following week but he was cut off. Do you guys think he took it a little too far at his concert?

Touched by an Angel

No words can actually describe this post, but it makes me believe there are good people out there, even celebrities/athletes. I became aware of this story a little over a month ago on Nancy Grace. All it took was one look at Shaniya Davis’ face to capture me. Shaniya was found dead on a side of a road in Fayetteville, NC. At the age of five years old, Shaniya was raped and murdered. Her mother was charged with child prostitution! It angers me to even write that! I hope she gets what she deserves behind bars! 

Shaq was touched by this little girls story and payed for her funeral service which was an estimated $4500. O’neal told The Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper, “I was sitting at home watching it on the news and the story brought a tear to my eye.”

I am at a loss for words for this post, Shaniya’s story touched many people across the country and Shaq didn’t have to do anything, he didn’t know them.But Shaq has a heart and thought with it! I am not a follower of basketball, he’s not my “favorite basketball player” however he is my favorite for thinking of a family who was less fortunate.

She loves me…She loves me NOT

What a joke! Hey, we’re getting a divorce but let me bring you a dozen red roses to the arbitration hearing. Are you kidding me?  My girl Kate walked out of the court-house empty-handed, smart girl! Why would she accept a gift of anything from him? He destroyed their marriage and his image. It’s sad when you’re voted America’s Worst Dad like he was.

Oh and his on again off again girlfriend Hailey Glassman, well let’s just say she is off again, according to her tweet on Thursday: “I’ve been dating someone like Dexter – lol – it’s the most frustrating thing I’m going to write a Welcome to my nightmare.” Glassman later tweeted: “I literally am almost done with my reading “How to deal with a Compulsive Liar. LOL no joke though! That’s the sad thing.”

So the big question should be: Who will Jon date next?